Smart technology for more intelligent workspaces

Transforming businesses with smart workplace management technology

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Did you know?

The average person spends one-third of their life at work. That is a long time. What if we told you that, that same person uses around 20 of those working days looking for something as simple as a meeting room. A total waste of time, right? Now consider this in terms of lost productivity and revenue opportunities for your business.

Cataly5t is a leader in intelligent workspace technology that transforms the way businesses work. With smart workspace technologies not only can you take care of your meeting room problems, but you have the ability to transform your entire workspace. By understanding the type of space you need and how it is utilised, you can optimise it for a more productive, healthier, happier workforce. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Our smat workplace management solutions

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Smart Covid-19 screening and logging

Efficient Covid-19 screening solutions for both staff and visitors in one complete system.

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Smart environmental sensors

Environmental sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, light, noise, air pressure, and air quality.

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Smart desk booking

The smartest way to manage desk bookings with a simple self-service tool.

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Smart meeting room booking

Meeting room bookings are easier for everyone with smart scheduling software.

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Smart visitor management

Easily manage all visitors, employees and deliveries to your workspace with a seamless experience.

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Smart occupancy sensors

Smart occupancy sensors for real-time workplace analytics.

Intelligent workplaces offer advanced benefits

  • Optimise the value-driven from your people, assets and real estate
  • Support your hybrid-work and Return-to-office (RTO) initiatives
  • Improve your employee experience
  • Help employees to align schedules with colleagues
  • Assist with booking work and meeting spaces
  • Provide insights into the building, floor, office or retail store space-utilisation trends
  • Positively impact the employee wellness within the environment
  • Improves the usability & productivity of assets and space
  • Increases employee satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Provides tools for social distancing and Covid safe requirements
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