Leading smart technology provider for the workplace

The key to great relationships between employees and the workspaces

Smart Technology for the workplace

Cataly5t, is a leading provider of smart technology for more intelligent workspaces in South Africa.

Founded on the principle of driving business forward through innovative technology, the company works closely with corporate real-estate providers, facilities management experts, intelligent building teams and human resources professionals to create amazing workplace experiences for everyone. From the people who run and manage the building to the people who fill it, the Cataly5t team create great relationships between people and their workspace.

We support businesses of all sizes to transform their workspaces to encourage employee engagement, improved wellbeing and enhanced productivity which have a direct impact on the customer and visitor experience. Which is possible whilst reducing real-estate costs and optimising the facilities management process. Our leading technologies integrate with intelligent workspace management, smart building, smart offices, smart retail, and hybrid-work strategies to revolutionise the working experience for everyone involved.

We have a company culture that is customer-centric, professional, and innovative which brings a high level of energy and commitment to all client engagements. We transform businesses by making workspaces intelligent at the same time delivering efficiencies with close transparent client partnerships and act as ambassadors for the people we serve.

Why the 5? –The number 5 is the number of humanity. Humans have 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot and 5 senses. It’s never just about the technology, people are core to everything, people make technology work. And at Cataly5t, people are core to everything we do.

Cataly5t bbbee status

Cataly5t is a B-BBEE Level-2 53% Black Ownership and 53% Black Female Ownership contributor.

The ownership demonstrates our ongoing commitment towards economic development and empowerment whilst delivering tangible value to customers. Choosing to work with us will add value to your B-BBEE initiatives and recognitions in South Africa.

We’re very proud of our solid B-BBEE status and remain dedicated to ongoing development and growth so that Cataly5t will always be the smart workspace technology partner of choice.

Our people

Our team are seen as innovators and leaders within the corporate real estate, facility management and intelligent building industries. They partner with you to navigate challenges such as hybrid work and the new way of work using innovative technology. The team are dedicated to revolutionising the workspace environment in South Africa without losing sight of the wellbeing, productivity and development of all employees.

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Our partners

We select our partners based on a proven track record within the industry. As a distributor of some of the world’s leading brands within this space, Cataly5t is more than a traditional distributor and provides end-to-end workspace solutions, including technical design, planning, implementation, installation, and ongoing support.


We are excited about our work, our future, and how we can make a tangible impact on the world whilst having loads of fun doing so. We know that you’ll share your talents with many organisations during your career and our goal is to make sure that by joining our team, some of your best career memories will happen with us. As SurTech Group of Companies is a shareholder in Cataly5t all our job vacancies are posted on their website.

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Intelligent workspaces offer advanced technology benefits

  • Optimise the value-driven from your people, assets and real estate
  • Support your hybrid-work and Return-to-office (RTO) initiatives
  • Improve your employee experience
  • Help employees to align schedules with colleagues
  • Assist with booking work and meeting spaces
  • Provide insights into the building, floor, office or retail store space-utilisation trends
  • Positively impact the employee wellness within the environment
  • Improves the usability & productivity of assets and space
  • Increases employee satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Provides tools for social distancing and Covid safe requirements
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