Workplace and desk booking software has various benefits,

6 benefits of desk & workspace booking software

Hybrid work is possible with workspace booking software The way that we work has changing. The days of spending all day in ...
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Workspace management sensors, the 4 different types

What are workspace management sensors? Workspace management sensors enable your organisation to collect data about space, its usage and characteristics. These sensors ...
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workspace technology in the new normal

Workspace technology: 4 steps CEOs should take to drive the new normal

During a time of great change and uncertainty, it’s safe to say business leaders have been responding to a mountain of disruptive ...
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How to plan your perfect meeting room booking solution

The meeting room is arguably the hub of the modern workplace, but so many businesses struggle to keep them in good order. ...
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How to return to the office safely after Covid-19

Planning the return to the office can feel intimidating. Whether it’s making sure everyone can keep enough distance, or that every shared ...
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What do you need from your meeting spaces?

Having the right technology in the right room or meeting space is imperative for your workforce, and nowhere is that truer (or ...
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