Workspace Ceiling Sensors

Smart Ceiling Sensors for real-time workplace analytics

view office from above with ceiling sensors

Providing the most advanced facility management sensing solution for workspace optimisation in commercial real estate

The ceiling sensing platform is a ground-breaking, field-proven solution that provides a cornerstone for the flexible workplace by sensing and processing occupancy data that is enriched and highly accurate, all while protecting privacy. Comprising of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system, the workspace sensors are installed in the ceiling and monitor pre-defined “Areas of Interest.” The sensors detect people’s presence, locations, and numbers, and send data to the management system over a secure, encrypted network connection.

Cutting-edge workspace sensing technology

The sensors are network-connected devices running state-of-the-art computer-vision algorithms on the device itself and transmitting only the analytics data to the cloud management system. The underlying technology introduces an innovative fusion of proprietary deep-learning and object-tracking algorithms, optimised for low-power processors.

Sensor stitching

The sensing platform supports sensor stitching. Areas of interest can be defined across several sensors and each area will be reported once. This is useful for cases where a large space can only be covered by several sensors (e.g. a large meeting room), or cases where the area of interest (e.g. a desk) is placed on the border of two or more sensors.

Large detection area

The ceiling sensors are designed to cover large spaces. One unit can cover up to 48 square meters or 520 square feet.

Multiple areas of interest

The sensor can cover several defined areas of interest and report the occupancy for each area separately. This feature is useful for hot-desking applications where counting granularity is required.

Large area tracking

As the name suggests, to combine the overlapping tracking areas of single sensors to a large logical sensor. This even works if the sensors are mounted on different ceiling heights.

Flexible connection

The ceiling sensors can be configured to connect to the cloud using LAN, POE or WiFi.

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Benefits of Ceiling Sensors

An analytics solution for smart building automation, extracting the most important information about how and where occupants are using the facility, such as desks, meeting rooms, lighting and HVAC systems.


Real-life scenarios

The sensor does not only report more about how people use the workspace (e.g. count, location) but also reaches unprecedented accuracy levels in real-life scenarios.


Highly secure

Leading InfoSec standards, governing its operations from production to deployment, the sensing platform includes substantial security features and has successfully passed penetration tests by 3rd-party experts for both the sensors and the cloud management system


Non-intrusive and anonymous

All of the image processing is done on the sensor itself, the sensor does not store or output images, and has no interface to extract images, so privacy is fully protected. As the sensor tracks peoples’ movement rather than personal devices (e.g. mobile phones), it is completely anonymous.


Extendable and future-proof

The sensors are completely future proof for improvements, critical fixes, and enhanced feature set.