Cutting-Edge Workspace Sensing Technology

The CogniPoint™ sensing platform is an innovative, field-proven solution that provides the foundation for flexible workspace by sensing and processing occupancy data that provides accurate, real-time insight and historical analytics.

Instead of transmitting large video files for post-analysis, the CogniPoint sensor processes all video on the device and sends only data through.

The workspace sensors are installed in the ceiling and monitor pre-defined “Areas of Interest.”
The sensors detect people’s presence, locations and numbers, and send analytics data to the CogniPoint™ Management System over a secure, encrypted network connection.

Key Features

Flexible Connection

The CogniPoint™ sensor can be configured to connect to the cloud using LAN, POE or WiFi.

Large Detection Area

The CogniPoint™ sensor is designed to cover large spaces; one unit can cover up to 48 square meters (or 520 square feet).

CogniPoint Management System & Integration Platform

The CogniPoint™ sensing platform is comprised of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system.

The CogniPoint Management System (CPMS) provides a visual interface for viewing real-time occupation of areas of interest.

It then reports accurate, real-time analytics data to integrated 3rd-party building management systems or data and analytics platforms.


Occupancy analytics provide valuable insight into how your workspace is being used.
Ascertaining desk utilisation and hot spots helps you optimise the number of desks required based on actual utilisation over a period.

Meeting room analytics provides insight on true utilisation per meeting room as well as average occupancy. This includes meeting rooms booked vs. no-shows; and average occupancy vs capacity.

This insight can reduce total real estate expenditures by up to 30%.

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