Desk booking

The smartest way to manage desk bookings with a simple self-service tool

Desk booking software

Easy hot desk bookings to use your space efficiently

Desk booking software enhances employee productivity and effectiveness. A simple to use, self-service workspace booking platform allows employers and employees to easily adapt to the hybrid workspace whilst ensuring safe distancing and eliminating wasted office space. Allow employees to easily handle the scheduling of shared desk space in a robust solution that provides valuable and actionable insights.

Desk booking features

Desk monitoring and utilisation technology can help you maximise both real estate and productivity.

Interactive desk booking

Employees can select their department / area, select the date that they want to book, and then can select a particular desk in that area through a real-time interactive floor map that shows which desks are available for selection.

Configurable booking limits

The booking-calendar can be set to limit bookings for a certain period in the future

Real time insights

Valuable insights into which spaces are booked most often, the average length of booking time, and which days of the week have the highest demand for desk space

Flexible workspace

Create a flexible workplace now and for the future with connected tools and insights from real-time data.

Find co-workers fast

Even if your co-workers are on different schedules to you, a desk booking system can help you come together by using the platform to search for co-workers and find out where they’re working from.

Choose a variety of workspaces

Quickly choose and book from a wide variety of workspaces or resources to maximise productivity of in office days.

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Desk booking software benefits


Flexible working space

Give employees the freedom to choose with a streamlines desk booking system that requires no training.


Reduce wasted time

Ensure employees have the space they need for the type of work they’re doing  Avoid time wasted wandering around looking for available desk or workstations by providing a more efficient way to find and reserve desks.


Implement a safe return

Share desks not germs by easily setting safe distances between desks and reconfigure capacity as needed or designate available spaces for employees to reserve.


Maximise space with robust analytics

Monitor desk utilisation to maximise both real estate and productivity to reshape the office environment to adapt to the new world of work.


Better design decisions

Produce powerful data-driven insights and dashboards into historical resource usage and plan for future space needs.


Better employee time management

For in office days, a desk booking system will enable employees to update their status so that co-workers can find them, and book extra spaces like meeting rooms, parking spaces perfectly.