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Cloud + IoT Solutions for Healthy, Hybrid Workplaces

FM:Systems transforms your workplace experience and enables your organization to bring employees together in exceptional, healthy workplaces that enhance productivity and delight occupants. Their suite of digital workplace solutions provides actionable insights to optimize every facet of your real estate portfolio and ensure your ever-ready workplace is prepared for the unexpected. Over 1500 customers across more than 80 countries worldwide trust FM:Systems to deliver ideal workplace experiences, including leading companies such as HSBC, Samsung, Banner Health, and Boston University. FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and conducts business globally.


The broad solution, specializing in space and occupancy, assets and maintenance, real estate and strategic planning, as well as projects and sustainability, empowers clients to gain insight into how their facility space is utilized, how they enhance efficiency and create an employee-centric workplace.

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10" touch panels

Visual, interactive scheduling at your fingertips with an intuitive interface and a sleek, low-profile design.

Desk Management for workplace re-entry

Allowing for a safe & responsible return of employees to a post-COVID workplace.

Employee WebRequest

Employee WebRequest delivers an inviting and intuitive reservation request experience to users outside your organization.

Hoteling & Desk Management

Employees who travel between offices or have a flexible work schedule require an intuitive solution to find and reserve a suitable workstation for their time on-site.

NowSpace Mobile App

NowSpace gives employees easy access to calendars and reservations with the convenience of on-the-go scheduling, ideal for your mobile workforce.

Resource Scheduler

Innovative scheduling solutions that deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity for your mobile, virtual, and traditional employees.

Occupancy Sensors

Data on the workplace and your workforce can unlock insights about how, when, and where employees work; enabling you to make decisions about what solutions to implement in order to optimize the workplace and increase employee productivity and engagement.