Mapiq Office shifts

Safely reopen your office

Employees worldwide are waiting to return to the office. However, they can’t come back all at once. You need a back-to-the-office strategy after Corona. Mapiq’s Office Shifts enables large organizations to guide employees back to work safely, by coordinating who can come to the office, when, and where.

How it works

Determine your office capacity

In the admin tool, you can define the right capacity for each building. This capacity will not be exceeded, and you can easily adjust it whenever you want. Not sure what your capacity should be?

No worries, our Office Capacity Calculator with 98% accuracy can help you.

Assign matching priority profiles

Now it’s time to manage who can come in when. Should some people have priority to be at the office? Easily assign them matching access or location profile. These profiles allow different groups to book more shifts per week in specific zones and priority to book their spot longer in advance.

Employees now choose a shift

Via the user interface, employees can now schedule their days at the office.  With our new connection’s functionality, employees can now connect with each other and match their shifts in the office. After selecting the area they would like to work, they confirm their booking.

Enjoy spending time together again

Your workforce is now ready to go get back to the office. Employees keep their flexibility, you keep one clear overview of who’s coming to the office, when, and where. No more headaches, just a single-sign-on application.


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