The workforce is slowly making its way back to the office. But things look a little different today than they did last year. Mapiq can help you create a back-to-office strategy that keeps your team connected while still staying safe.


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Manage your office capacity:

Set the maximum number of people allowed in your building. And easily change that capacity as regulations shift. Capacity limits will be shown in the user interface, so everyone always knows the rules around the office.

Manage your office capacity

Coordinate working days:

It’s easy. Just choose how many days employees can come to the office each week, and how far in advance they can book a slot. Mapiq takes care of the rest—no need to waste time on spreadsheets.

Book office shifts:

Let everybody know how many times a week they can come to the office. Give them the freedom to book a shift on their preferred day, in their favorite area.

Align team shifts:

Make in-person teamwork possible. Let employees connect with teammates to book shifts on the same days.

Welcome guests:

Easily book shifts for guests in your office. Always ensure a safe work environment and allow employees to welcome clients or customers.


Monitor your strategy:

Track real-time occupancy data in your analytics dashboard and make sure everybody stays safe. You can also see availability per floor and per building, worldwide.

Calculate your office capacity & anticipate restrictions

Calculate a safe capacity based on your preferred social distancing rules. Create adjusted floorplans within minutes.



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