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Workspace Optimization

Leveraging its groundbreaking sensing technology, PointGrab is pioneering the next generation of office workspace optimization solutions. Its flagship product, CogniPointTM, is a highly advanced facility management sensing solution which provides insight into occupant behavior and space utilization.
PointGrab is taking the lead in this space and collaborates with many partners in the facility management and building ecosystems to deliver flexible and efficient solutions that improve customer business performance. 

Our vision is to establish leadership in the flexible workplace technology segment using our advanced occupancy analytics for maximizing workspace optimization and to further expand to other commercial real estate sectors such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation, and education.


Smart sensors are a crucial element of today’s building automation capabilities, as they provide the data required for optimizing building operations, energy savings and business intelligence.


PointGrab’s CogniPoint is an intelligent IoT device that functions as the world’s most advanced edge-analytics sensor for tracking human activity, capable of understanding how and where occupants use buildings.

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The CogniPoint Sensing Platform

A ground breaking, field proven solution that enables automation of commercial buildings, by sensing and processing information about where and how occupants use it.