IoT smart building technology case study in South Africa

Feb 3, 2022

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    Global professional services giant Deloitte’s new African headquarters opened its doors in Waterfall City, Johannesburg, in 2020.

    Deloitte’s smart building

    The smart building, which was designed and constructed with an emphasis on creating a sustainable, safe, and productive environment, complies with a Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Rating. As a single-tenant facility of 42,500 sqm, this fully digital and “smart” sustainable smart building facilitates a dramatic cultural shift for this progressive organisation.

    The “green building”, a first of its kind in South Africa, is ergonomically designed to enhance the wellbeing of its occupants. According to BusinessTech, the building is the workplace of the future for the firm’s employees and clients. A workplace that supports a rapidly evolving talent pool and offers a huge range of different work activities and styles, with spaces that fuel creativity and collaboration. Watch the video here:

    Cataly5t’s smart building technology

    Cataly5t, as the sole distributor of PointGrab smart sensing technology for smart buildings, was appointed to work with Deloitte to enhance the user experience while maximising real-estate value with workspace analytics. The PointGrab platform, together with more than a thousand smart IoT ceiling-mounted sensors across the building, has allowed Deloitte to analyse and optimise the utilisation of all floor space, including desks, meeting rooms, open plan workspaces, focus workspaces and booths. As an organization that has embraced activity-based work, the sensors also cover casual seating areas, couches, lounges, coffee and restaurant areas and much more.

    The sensors provide Deloitte with accurate information about the space utilisation and the number of people in each space whilst preserving the building occupants’ privacy. Deloitte has taken this a step further and also integrated the sensors into their booking system, enabling users to see which workspaces are available, based on bookings made, as well as real-time occupancy data. This gives the facilities management team in-depth data on all space utilisation in their office.

    As a leader in smart sensing technology, PointGrab system sends live and historic data via its API to other smart building systems to enable a truly smart building ecosystem. The data comprises of:

    “Deloitte is a pioneering firm in advanced working environments, and as such, sets very high standards of quality, service and accuracy. We are proud that our innovative sensing platform has been deployed in the largest hot-desking environment in the industry,” said Doron Shachar, CEO, PointGrab. “We are sure that PointGrab’s solution, with the assistance of our partners at Cataly5t, will make it more efficient for Deloitte to manage their real-estate costs effectively while optimising this innovative space for their talent’s wellbeing and productivity”.

    Johan van Niekerk, Managing Director of Cataly5t adds, “In 2022, the approach to buildings and offices will become more flexible and dynamic, with the growing need to be able to adapt quickly to unexpected changes and new requirements”. He goes on to say, “Adding smart workspace technologies, like PointGrab’s sensing platform, to an organizations workspace, facilities and real-estate management strategy, will be vital to business cost-effectiveness, workspace-to-workforce relevance, adaptability and sustainability. Cataly5t has experienced first-hand with Deloitte, the value that comes with smart building technologies like these. We are committed to supporting our clients navigate the new way of work and help them achieve an ongoing return on investment and success.”

    Smart building technology

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