Smart Building

The smartest way to improve energy efficiency and optimise facility services.

Energy Efficiency

Our advanced occupant sensing solution provides real-time accurate data that integrates existing building management systems to automate important facility services. The real-time detection of presence, location and number of people can drive occupancy-based, lighting, cooling, and fresh-air inflows (HVAC), to improve employees’ comfort and reduce overall energy consumption.

Optimise Cleaning Services

The sensor platform’s virtual line crossing feature counts bi-directional movement across a line. This can drive automatic notification to services like lavatory cleaning, optimising services based on number of people who have used the facility.

Enhance Utilisation & Peak Times For Public Areas

Trend analytics provide insight on the utilisation and peak times of all public areas across the campus, allowing you to adjust resources, design or catering services. This includes guests in reception areas, utilisation and queue length in cafeterias or chill spaces.

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