Smart Covid-19 screening and logging

Efficient Covid-19 screening solutions for both staff and visitors in one complete system

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Remain Covid-19 compliant

For the foreseeable future, it will be necessary to take precautionary measures against Covid-19. But many organisations have already begun making the move from the strategic phase of planning the return to the office post-covid to the tactical phase of preparing workplaces for their employee’s return. Employers will need to be flexible as they move forward and will make their own decisions about their plans and schedule for recalling employees whilst being confident that the buildings offer a safe environment that is compliant with regulations.

How can smart logging and screening technology be used in the workplace

How can smart logging and screening technology be used in the workplace

Pre-screening questionnaire

Employees can select their department or area, the date that they want to book for and which particular desk within that area.

Touchless check-in

The booking-calendar can be set to limit bookings for a certain period in the future.

Automatic alert notifications

Valuable insights into which spaces are booked most often, the average length of booking time, and which days of the week have the highest demand for desk space.

Real-time reporting

Create a flexible workplace now and for the future with connected tools and insights from real-time data.

Used by businesses of all sizes

The system can help your team come together by using the platform to search for co-workers and find out where & when they’re working from.

Easy contact tracing

Quickly choose and book from a wide variety of workspaces or resources will maximise the productivity of office days.

Security scanner

As staff arrive at the parking gate, building entrance, or reception area, security makes use of the handheld scanner to scan the employee’s QR code on their “digital access card”.

Reception dashboard

When arriving at the reception area, reception/security staff can use their dashboard on their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, to select the staff member for check-in.

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Check-in tablet

If staff arrive at the reception or security area, staff can make use of the check-in tablet to check themselves in at the building.

Cellphone check-in

Employees can also use their own smartphone to check themselves into the building, thereby allowing a further completely touchless check-in option.

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