Smart meeting room booking software

Meeting room bookings are easier for everyone with smart scheduling

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Meeting room integrations

Never worry about room bookings again. Our easy to use, highly customisable meeting room solutions cater for many business needs, regardless of company size or industry. The solution integrates with calendar and email software making it easy to send electronic invitations and manage meeting details.
When combined with our visitor management module, meeting organisers can track information about attendees, particularly those from outside the organisation and the addition of digital signage outside of meeting rooms streamlines check-in processes.

How can meeting room booking technology be used in the workplace

Meeting rooms are a valuable resource to any business, a gathering point or essential working space for meetings, collaborations and presentations. Meeting room booking software removes the manual admin associated with these spaces and makes life easier for everyone in your office.

Mobile technology

Meeting room booking systems that offer interactive maps and floorplans are the future of modern workplaces as cloud and mobile technologies offer an ‘anytime, anywhere’ work style.


Multi-location scalability

Search available resources in multiple locations with a side-by-side comparison of local times, ensuring you set meetings at a time that works for everyone. Making sure that all attendees are in the right place at the right time.


Space usage analytics

Analytics show a wealth of information on how your employee’s work. The power of big data with data warehousing, interactive analytics, and report visualisations give actionable insights that can result in a significant ROI.

Visitor management

Streamline invitations, passes and arrival notifications for visitors, and make their journey to your meeting as smooth and seamless as possible.

Easy bookings from anywhere

With intuitive cloud solutions, users can connect and create bookings from any device.

Better visitor management

Ensure visitors are managed properly from start to finish. Set up new events and capture critical visitor information with a few simple clicks whilst tracking guest arrival and departure for improved service and security.

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Seamless integration

Integrate the meeting room solution to Outlook and resource scheduling software to get the best of both worlds with a robust scheduling system in the familiar Outlook interface.

Better employee time management

For in-office days, a hot desk booking system will enable employees to update their status so that co-workers can find them, book extra spaces they need like meeting rooms or book parking spaces.

Improved employee productivity

Promote agile work, activity-based work and spontaneous collaboration with intuitive touch panels and kiosks that show real-time availability.

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