Smart Office

Office Utilisation & Planning

The CogniPoint occupancy analytics provide valuable insight into how your workspace is being used. This can reduce total real estate expenditures by up to 30%, while creating a work environment that supports employee productivity and engagement.

By applying these insights, you’ll be able to optimise the number of desks required for staff, resize meeting rooms to provide the right number and size based on usage and introduce or adjust co-lab spaces based on employee preference.

Dynamic Workspace Space Utilization

The real-time detection of presence, location and number of people in a given space allows for dynamic allocation of meeting rooms and desks. Data captured by the workplace occupancy sensors allows flexible assignment of workstations to employees. The sensing platform can detect desk occupancy even if occupants are not moving at all.

Reduce meeting room frustration by monitoring average utilisation and occupancy to guide the right number and sizing of meeting rooms required. In addition, real-time occupancy can generate an alert to booking systems of no-shows, so rooms can be re-booked.

Such insight also allows for efficient layout of appliances and devices such as printers, coffee machines and other amenities to better accommodate employees’ needs and usage of space.

Fostering Employee Collaboration

The new generation of worker seeks and expects workplaces where they can collaborate on projects in a relaxed, resource-rich setting. A flexible workplace should provide a collaborative space that facilitates human connection and supports employee productivity.

The occupancy analytics allows for anonymous identification of inter- and intra-team interactions and measures employees’ engagement level across the building space. By monitoring formal and informal collaboration patterns and trends, employees’ productivity and wellbeing can be better facilitated.

Employee-Centric Services

In an era where people are used to information being at their fingertips, corporations need to provide an equally fast and reliable level of service and resource visibility within their buildings. For employees to plan and optimise their time, CogniPoint sensors can monitor the queues in the cafeteria, the IT lab, or any other first-come-first-serve service. The occupancy information can also help employees understand if seats of key positions (e.g. administrators, managers) are being staffed or whether there’s likely to be an available table in the dining area for their lunch break.

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