Smart visitor management

Easily manage all visitors, employees and deliveries to your workspace

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What is visitor management?

Visitor Management is the process of welcoming and assisting all visitors to your premises. Visitor management software creates a seamless experience for meeting room bookings, arriving and departing visitors, management of visitor profiles and visitor reporting all from a single platform. It ensures that facilities are fully utilised through easier and more efficient management and makes visitor experiences run as smoothly as possible from their arrival to departure.

Eliminate pen and paper

A visitor management system will allow you to incorporate a variety of workflows which in turn streamlines the visitor identification and reporting process, making visitor scheduling and check-ins easy and safe.

How can visitor management systems be used in the workplace

Visitor Management has never been easier. Welcome all guests and visitors with a simple visitor management system that keeps everyone who enters your workspace safe and saves your team time.

Digital forms

Only the most relevant visitor data is captured without compromising the user experience. NDA’s, legal or safety agreements can be processed while the visitor checks in or ahead of time.

Visitor identification

Check-ins ensure that all relevant information regarding the visitor is captured and processed, whilst remaining compliant with the organisation’s process regarding personal information.

Visitor reporting

Valuable insights into which spaces are booked most often, the average length of booking time, and which days of the week have the highest demand for desk space.

Instant notifications

Receive automatic notifications when guests arrive, check-in or are running late which means less time spent waiting for guests or visitors to arrive and more time to focus on the important aspects of running a business.

Person of interest

Easily add unexpected visitors to the system to maintain a seamless experience and adhere to security protocols you already have in place without any disruptions to the workflow.

Contactless check-ins

The system provides contactless check-in procedures for visitors as well as back-to-work practices, for preparing the workplace post-pandemic.

Brand reinforcement

The focus is on providing visitors with a unique and positive experience, after all a visitor’s on-site experience often plays a critical role in how they develop their first impressions about an organisation.

Secure and safe

The information is securely stored in the cloud and only authorised personnel will have access to these records and by performing a simple search of a visitor’s name or code, their data can be found, shared, or deleted.


Turn analytics about room, building usage and scheduling into insights that help you make smart decisions about health and safety, workplace design, and costs.

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Employee productivity

Ensure the team avoids daily distractions from searching for deliveries, waiting on visitors, and finding an open room to meet, so they have more time to focus on the work that matters most.

Accurate and efficient

Transactions with the system are processed immediately without compromising the safety and security of the organisation and digital efficiency is improved by removing the time-consuming manual processes.

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