Smart workplace analytics

Unlock the true potential of your building with workplace analytics

workplace analytics

Powerful workspace analytics

Workplace analytics enable organisations of all sizes to get better insights on the performance of their building and how it is being used. This can include occupancy heatmaps, facility utilisation, air quality, lighting usage and people counters. All of which drive better decision making, creating a more efficient, productive, and healthy place to work that has an impact on real-estate costs.

How can smart analytics be used for the workplace

Analytics are the first step in managing an office or workspace. For facility and building managers that seek to make significant cost reductions and increase employee productivity, building and people data shows and guides them where to start in one holistic view.

Connect any data source

Say goodbye to scattered data. By connecting a building’s assets and sensors into a single digital platform, our innovative solutions transform real estate and data into a powerful decision-making tool.

Personal dashboards & reporting

No business or building is the same. Understand all your data at a glance with charts and graphs on your own fully customisable dashboard. The platform lets you create custom business reports that meet the organisations specific requirements.

Scheduled reports & alerts

Customise reports and alerts for your organisation’s key stakeholders with data and views tailored to their needs.

Visualise data in user-friendly heatmaps

Occupancy analytics show both hotspots and dead zones. A great visualisation of how the building gets used and offers the ability to scale up, or down in space or facilities.

Increased efficiency & productivity

The main reason for employees to come to the office is to collaborate with team members. Workspace analytics provide insight into workplace behaviour that helps your teams stay engaged including productivity, collaboration, and flexibility.

Opportunity for reduced costs

Achieve significant savings and cost optimisation with advanced analytics. Workspace insights play a critical role in enabling organisations to rapidly improve productivity and achieve savings in both direct, such as rent and indirect costs like energy and light usage.

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Real-time data-driven decisions

Real-time analytics means you no longer have to wait for data to act decisively which is critical to long term success. Real-time insights allow you to run tests to quickly see what smart office decisions work best for your organisation.

Smart cleaning scheduling

In the wake of Covid-19 smart cleaning and sanitation has become more important. Data collected on a real-time basis provides
cleaners and managers with an integrated platform to track housekeeping requirements and usage patterns of the facility. Create schedules that are more flexible, responsive and effective.

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