Pointgrab by CogniPoint™


Relying on its groundbreaking technology, the Pointgrab by CogniPoint™ workspace occupancy sensor has significant advantages over competing platforms:

Rich and Highly Accurate Data

The Pointgrab by CogniPoint™ sensor does not only report more about how people use the workspace (e.g. count, location) but also reaches unprecedented accuracy levels in real-life scenarios.

Non-intrusive and Anonymous

All of the image processing is done on the sensor itself, the sensor does not store or output images, and has no interface to extract images, so privacy is fully protected. As the sensor tracks peoples’ movement rather than personal devices (e.g. mobile phones), it is completely anonymous.

Highly Secured

PointGrab adheres to leading InfoSec standards, governing its operations from production to deployment. The Pointgrab by CogniPoint™ sensing platform includes substantial security features and has successfully passed penetration tests by 3rd-party experts for both the sensors and the cloud management system.

Extendable and Future-proof

Updated over the air (OTA), the CogniPoint™ sensors are completely future proof for improvements, critical fixes, and enhanced feature set.
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