Why Belonging In The Workplace Should Be A Business Priority

A sense of belonging has always been important, but today it’s even a more popular topic. The pandemic forced organizations to change their strategies from offline to online. Part of the new way of working discussion was about how to make employees feel engaged and satisfied, even working remotely. After all, a sense of belonging can have a huge impact on your organizational performance. Why should belonging be a priority for your business?

The effects of a sense of belonging

Employees need to feel a sense of belonging to be able to do their best work. Abraham Maslow already defined this need in 1943. He stated that people possess an affective need for belonging and acceptance among social groups. People need to feel that they fit in with the community around them. If employees experience a supportive work environment, it leads to better collaboration and complex problem-solving. Next to that, a high level of belonging links back to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% reduction in sick days.

The feeling of belonging during covid-19

With employees now working from home most of the time, they don’t see their team members on a daily basis. They may not even have spoken to colleagues from other departments for months. Technology can facilitate the feeling of belonging remote. It can make sure employees not only feel like they belong to a physical place, but also to their team members. If technology feels intuitive, flexible, and personal, it can make sure employees still connect on an individual and team level. As a company, you should make sure that everyone in your organization still feels part of a team and host frequent online get-togethers.

The new role of the office

Research from PwC shows that 72% of office workers would like to work remotely at least two days a week, even after the pandemic. The number one reason employees say they would go to the office is to collaborate with team members. With employees spending less time in the office, the workplace should be a space that stimulates teams to work together. Collaboration, face-to-face interactions, and social events boost the feeling of belonging for employees. This means that companies should revaluate the workplace to make sure it stimulates interaction safely and easily.

The Mapiq pyramid of workplace well-being

Employees that feel part of a company and team, are not only happier in their job, they also get more work done. Companies should create a work environment that supports belonging to generate trust and engagement, online and offline. If you want to know more about employee well-being and building a supportive environment with smart technology, you can download our free research paper below.

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