Workplace Management

Easily connect your people, places and processes


Easily connect your people, places and processes

Workplace management exceeds the scope of the traditional facility management function. It is a strategic instrument that supports business goals and provides measurable value. Workplace management is a continuous process that focuses on the optimisation of the physical workplace and actively monitors the productivity and efficiency of the working area whilst overseeing the environment in which work takes place. At Cataly5t we offer a range of workplace management solutions that have been specially developed to support the core business with suitable workplace technology that can adapt to changing needs of any facilities management team. 

What makes a good Workspace Management system?

The evolving facilities management process needs to be supported by innovative solutions. Our smart workspace management solutions empower organisations to gain accurate insight into how space is being used and enhance its efficiency to create an employee-centric workplace.

Desk booking

A desk booking system allows you to deploy flexible and activity-based workspaces throughout your organisation, enabling users to reserve a workspace as and when they need it, to suit their work-life needs.

Room booking

Meeting room booking systems provide simple tools for reserving meeting and conference rooms within an office or shared workplace.

Visitor management

Visitor management solutions allow companies to register, track and screen guests coming into their workspace, reducing Covid-19 exposure and providing contact tracing.

Parking management

Allows organisations that provide on-premise parking facilities to automate tasks relating to optimising parking space, manage the influx of cars, and ensure the safety of both cars and people. 

Catering booking

Ability to schedule catering items and associated workflows for vendors, such as a dashboard and functions to manage the status of requests.

Occupancy sensors

Occupancy sensors detect, in real-time when space is being used. With integration to workspace and room booking systems you  have access to real-time space utilisation, visibility into floorplans with analytics that drive data-driven workplace management.

Our Workspace Management business partners

We select our partners based on a proven track record within the corporate real-estate, facility management and intelligent building industries.

Benefits of Workspace Management


Better space utilisation

Workspace reservation software extends the scope of room utilisation beyond what’s immediately present. Room booking not only improves space utilisation, it can improve its utilisation and value.


Saves time

Time savings is an all-important aspect of a workspace management system. The amount of time employees spend wandering from space to space is time effectively wasted. The ability to book a room for a specific period of time eliminates wasted time upfront, with ongoing advantages.


Motivated employees

Building a stable workplace management system ensures that your employees have an environment that's comfortable and safe. It improves morale and encourages employees to work efficiently. These management strategies involve the oversight and optimization of where your employees must work every day


Improved logistics

Good logistics are the key to governing agile, collaborative workspaces, culminating in better space utilisation and workspace efficiency and employee happiness.