Workspace Bookings

Simplify the booking of desks, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces

Workspace booking provides a flexible, collaborative booking approach

Providing a flexible, collaborative booking approach for all employees

Rarely in modern times has a health issue had such a dramatic effect on society and business so quickly. Some corporate executives will ask the question of whether corporate office space is even needed. Research shows that after the pandemic, employees will divide their workdays more equally between home and the office resulting in many adopting a hybrid working system. This shift allows companies to create a new more effective operating model that optimises the workspace placing emphasis on effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. Workspace bookings bring the power of all three criteria to your fingertips in a full-fledged meeting and desk booking solution.

Why use a complete workspace booking solution?

Flexible and remote work has become a hot topic these days, especially as an increasing number of companies encourage their employees to work from home and work in the office in shifts due to Covid-19. The workspace booking solutions from Cataly5t, include desk booking and room booking solutions that can also include other flexible meeting spaces at your office to ensure a more casual and collaborative booking approach for a less formal work environment.

Desk booking

Allow employees to book desks on the go to make sure that have the capacity to work as efficiently as possible while they are at the office.

Meeting room booking

Simplify room booking experiences with a solution that allows the management of catering, audio-visual requirements, cleaning services etc.

Shift booking

Easy to use employee shift scheduling and planning solutions assist businesses to manage shifts and communicate with affected employees.

Our Workspace Booking business partners

We select our partners based on a proven track record within the corporate real-estate, facility management and intelligent building industries.

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Workspace Booking benefits


Better space utilisation

Workspace reservation software extends the scope of room utilisation beyond what’s immediately present. Room booking not only improves space utilisation, it can improve its utilisation and value.


Saves time

Time savings is an all-important aspect of a workspace management system. The amount of time employees spend wandering from space to space is time effectively wasted. The ability to book a room for a specific period of time eliminates wasted time upfront, with ongoing advantages.


Motivated employees

Building a stable workplace management system ensures that your employees have an environment that's comfortable and safe. It improves morale and encourages employees to work efficiently. These management strategies involve the oversight and optimization of where your employees must work every day


Improved logistics

Good logistics are the key to governing agile, collaborative workspaces, culminating in better space utilisation and workspace efficiency and employee happiness.